Social Media Agency based in Milan founded by Manu Luize.

Social Media & Blog content and management, website creation and photography for your brand, grow and reach more clients.

Manu Luize Agency also offers online and personalized digital marketing and SEO courses for your business.

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Manu Luize Agency creates websites and blogs thought for you and for your needs.

Do you need a clean and modern website? An e-commerce or a stunning blog?

We create the best solution in webdesign and user experience for your website, thinking about your brand, personality and your costumers/readers need.


Take a look at some of our clients websites:

site Gavitti Cidadanias
website design - Terra da bota
Webdesign blog creation
Blog webdesign creation
Sweet Side Store Website
Website creation - AARBA
website design: Gens Turismo Genealogico
Website creation in Milan
Website in Milan - Portfolio

Manu Luize Agency works with website creation made by webdesigners and SEO specialists. We can develop your corporate website, e-commerce or an amazing WordPress blog.

Contact us and get your website ready and shinning. ✨